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Mobile wall Vacuwall


  • You can build a wall in the matter of a few minutes anywhere you like – and you can re-build it as much and often as you want or need. You are 
    entirely free to divide and interior space as you like and VACUWALL® will adapt to your needs.
  • VACUWALL® is a system you can use and re-use within various rooms and areas in your building. One day it can divide a meeting room into two, another day you can use it to divide production facilities or build a separate office.
  • VACUWALL® sets no limits as to where you must store free panels. You can either store them inside the room that VACUWALL® is used in or any other place which does not take up your functionalspace. VACUWALL® offers many storing options based on your requirements.
  • VACUWALL® allows you to save money and time on its installation and moving because you can simply do it all yourself. You only need two average-skilled persons, a screw driver and a few minutes of your time to build or re-build a wall. The manipulation with panels is easy and safe.
  • To divide an interior space, only minimal structural modifications are required. These equal to the same work you would do if hanging a picture on a wall.
  • Since VACUWALL® is not directly connected to any of the structures of a building, it is a wall which you can take with you like a piece of furniture when moving to a new location and thus minimise the costs of moving.
  • VACUWALL® is a truly environmentally friendly product as you can re-use it many times without utilizing any additional resources.


  • Divide a bigger office, industrial or residential area into a few smaller sections. Permanently or temporarily.
  • You will save on energy bills. In winter you heat and in summer you cool a smaller room.
  • Customise the leasing of offices or production facilities according to the space requirements of your tenant. You customer does not pay for a single unnecessary square metre.
  • Divide a production space into dusty zones and clean rooms.
  • With VACUWALL®, there is a solution for any type of ceiling and floor. This makes it suitable for both new construction and to be placed inside a current
  • Thanks to its inter-locking feature and light weight, there are no static requirements of the surrounding structures when mounting VACUWALL®. Simply choose the room you want to place Vacuwall in, measure its height and length and you are ready.


  • Interior partitioning wall that is movable since it consists of panels
  • Stable due to its inter-locking system, without anchoring to the floor or ceiling
  • Simple disassembly of the wall and its repeated use
  • Frame of the panel consists of a light and stable structure
  • Sound insulation 39 dB, according to used materials
  • Thickness of panels 100 mm
  • Standard width of modules 800 mm (adjustable according to requirements)
  • Standard height of modules up to 3000 mm
  • Can be combined with other and thus increasing the options of use of these systems)
  • Weight of panels ca 30 kg/m2 according to dimensions
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