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Interactive partition SMART-i-WALL

Interactive partition SMART-i-WALL is a revolutionary glass partitions from LIKO-S, which brings ingenious technology integrated within your wall. This design wall will change the way you interact, share, and display information. This comprehensive solution that has been developed and patented by LIKO-S, turns simple office partitions into a working tool, and helps to enhance the ambience in any  workspace.

With the simple click of a button, transform your transparent glass wall opaque. On your opaque glass wall, project your favorite images, videos, or presentations in Full HD. Not only will you be able to visually enjoy your content on glass, but you may also interact with your content by touch. Consider your glass wall a large tablet. Manipulate your presentations, browse websites, and take notes using your favorite notes application, all with the gesturing of your fingers. Additionally, SMART-i-WALL® allows special audio transmission where the speaker becomes the entire surface of your walls and sound experience is so perfectly natural allowing you to immerse yourself in your ambience.

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Video SMART-I-WALL (MP4, 14.83 MiB)
Video SMART-I-WALL 2 (MP4, 8.23 MiB)

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