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Conference and meeting table

A conference room serves, in particular, for people to meet for the purpose of passing information, making decisions, organising presentations, training etc. However, it is important to understand differences between individual forms of meeting and the necessity to adapt space to a particular purpose. Therefore, we divide conference equipment into three categories: STATIC, VARIABLE, DYNAMIC.

  • The Static conference puts stress on the high quality of space and equipment that reflects the company status and the importance of an ongoing meeting (international meetings, meetings of the top management, board of directors etc.).
  • The Variable conference enables a room to be quickly adapted to a particular purpose thanks to the easily adjustable and dismountable equipment and considerably extends the usability and functionality of the particular space (meetings, training, presentations etc.).
  • The Dynamic conference is characteristic of its dynamics that enables the space presentation during a meeting, eliminating barriers usually created between people during meetings hold at the traditional tables (work shop, training, moderated conference etc.).