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When in 2003, inspired by the growing sensibility for products with clear and essential lines, we proposed Zefiro in international fairs, the success was immediate and global. Its inclusion in the Design Index Adi volume of the same year celebrated it as one of the most significant products of that period. The reason for Zefiro’s rapid success lay in its technical and stylistic innovation. Until then, the market had been offering workstations that were preferably curved, wide and solid, designed for the extra-large monitors of the time. Zefiro introduced a new concept of desk, compact, essential, with orthogonal shapes and thin worktops, oriented towards the new technological tools. The magnetic fixing and the use of aluminium extrusions made it a new solution, light and easy to assemble. Right from the start we were certain that the product would become a classic that would identify our company for a long time. In fact, two decades later Zefiro still retains its recognisability thanks to the strength of its unique design. For these reasons we have decided to re-propose it today in a new, purely managerial look, introducing Fenix tops and epoxy painted structures for a trendy monochrome approach. Once again Zefiro proves to be, in its simplicity, a timeless product.

Chromatic blend Total look is the best way to emphasise pure lines. That is why the defined outlines of the object make it the protagonist of the scene. Zefiro X introduces a new range of colours, allowing horizontal surfaces to blend chromatically with aluminium structures.

Balance Zefiro X design maintains a balance between form and function. Its structure comes either with a strong and linear square section leg, or with an L section, where technicality becomes more present. We preserve the strengths of the origin.

Universal language The colour palette selected for Fenix worktops is contemporary and easy to match the space style in which they are placed. The language is universal, focusing on tactile and visual sensations.

Strength Zefiro X allows to go beyond standard lengths. The central support is an essential element in larger compositions. It is made of transparent methacrylate and provides strength without affecting the structure aesthetics.

Zefiro X allows to create multiple tables up to 4 metres long (157 1/2”). Perfect for boardrooms and meeting rooms.

Transversality Zefiro collection remains the archetype of essentiality applied to function. Its transversality makes it ideal for furnishing exclusive environments with a broad spectrum. Zefiro X crosses the border between office and domestic space.


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