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Shelving system Q18

Uniqueness the unique design of the Q18 shelving system is the perfect balance between flushness of components, layout freedom and multiple colour options. Thin, elegant and customizable, this is Q18.

Smart minimalism Q18 is a modular solution consisting of a tubular aluminium structure with 18x18 mm section, to which panels and container modules are integrated. The intelligent fixing system that combines the aluminium parts makes this product elegant and lean, without visible screws.

Modularity Q18 is designed to meet the most varied furnishing requirements. For the modules you can choose between 4 different widths, 3 depths and 2 heights. Back and sides can be replaced by steel tie rods that support the structure, giving it an aesthetic alternative.

Elements the Q18 compositions can be integrated with different types of elements. Shelves, backs, sides, drawer units, container modules with hinged and flap doors, planter boxes can be added to the structure to better adapt to the practical needs of users.

Options depending on the height and depth chosen, Q18 can be used as a stand-alone system, rather than fixed to the wall or ceiling. The floor support is also available in different options: low or raised feet or on castors.

Essentiality closed storage is fitted with push-push closures so no handles are required maintaining a clean aesthetic.

Drawers Q18 integrates both filing and box drawers, delivering practical and efficient storage with a clean, full width pull handle.

Layout freedom this collection has the ability to adapt to any type of environment and furnishing solution. Almost no limits to creativity with linear runs or returns also incorporating worksurfaces at desk or standing height.

Colour palette the wide range of finishes and colours available is the finishing touch. 17 different melamine options for the panelled elements, to be combined with the metal structure (in 11 different epoxy paints) to create the best custom design.

Made in: Itálie

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