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Acoustic panel EGGBOARD

Suspension appliance with sound-absorbing properties ensured by a peculiar sinusoidal cross- section design of the lower surface and the use of a sound-absorbing material. Acoustic efficiency is ensured within a limited space by positioning at approximately one metre above the head of the speaker and listener. Direct emission: a board with a high number of low-voltage LEDs with rotosymmetrical reflectors ensures maximum lighting comfort. Colour temperature 3000K or 4000 K. Complies with the norms on office activities that involve the use of video-terminals (UGR).

The entire Eggboard collection is based on the principle of acoustic absorption to limit sound reverberation, particularly with respect to human voice frequencies. A vertical suspension and a number of panels with grazing light intended for wall or ceiling installation are the new elements making up.

Made in: Itálie

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